Accounts & Pricing

  • Basic Account - Free
  • Classic Account - €5.95 / month
  • Premium Account - €14.95 /month


  • Fast and easy set-up with no credit check or proof of local address needed
  • Great mobile app with multiple functions and easy to use.
  • Direct debits and standing orders via UK current account.
  • Free cash loading into the account.
  • Fast and easy account set up.

Monese was founded in 2015 in the UK by Norris Koppel in order to change the rules of the traditional banking in the financial world. The main goal of the company was opening and using an account as easy as ordering an Uber, while also ensuring it will be accessible to everyone and not just a select few with perfect credit scores and several month’s worth of utility bill documentation. Today, Monese has around 3000 sign ups a day and customers are moving over $3 billion each year through their Monese accounts.